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Downhill Mountain Biking in the French Alps with Jean-Michel

June 12 2015
French death metal band Gojira is respected as one of the fastest growing metal bands on the planet. Bassist Jean-Michel Labadie is known as progressive player on the bass — and in the video above proves he's a badass on a mountain bike,…

3 Dates canceled (Krakow, Moscow and Saint Petersburg)

June 08 2015
To our fans in Krakow, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, we Gojira regret to announce that we will be reluctantly canceling our upcoming performances on June 10th, 13th and 14th due to a personal family emergency. Best efforts will be made to reschedule…

Guitar lessons with Christian

May 15 2015
Gojira guitarist Christian Andreu will be offering 1-hour interactive group guitar lessons on select dates throughout the band's European summer tour. Covering everything from Gojira riffs, his gear and tone, warm-up/practice exercises, and answering any questions the group may have.…

Silver Cord Studio

April 06 2015
Silver Cord is a brand new recording studio based in New York. Designed and owned by Joe Duplantier of Gojira, the studio will serve as the band’s headquarters for the next couple of months as they produce their 6th studio…

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