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Gojira on Sirius XM Liquid Metal

As part of SIRIUS XM’s MUSIC DISCOVERY WEEK, where the company is highlighting the insane support we give to NEW MUSIC on our respective channels, Liquid Metal host Jose Mangin welcomes GOJIRA’s frontman & guitarist JOE DUPLANTIER in an exclusive…
July 23 2012

Testament vs. Gojira - Death Match on Loudwire

First Match for Gojira and it is vs. Monsters of Thrash Testament! Click here to vote!
July 18 2012

Music Videos You wouldn't expect Gojira to like!

Links to the videos are in the video description on Youtube
July 17 2012

GOJIRA@EHZ Helette 2012

2 Videos feat. Gojira at the EHZ Festival this year (French - No subtitles)    
July 10 2012

Gojira Interview: Why We Support Sea Shepherd (Metal Hammer TV)

Gojira's Joe Duplantier talks exclusively to Metal Hammer on the band's continuing efforts to support marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd. 
July 10 2012

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