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Monday, 19 December 2011

Update With Jean-Michel

Although the band are busy recording, Jean-Michel took time out to list his Top 10 Albums of 2011. Check out his selection here: Also check the update with Jean-Michel from the Studios in NYC below!  
Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Interview with Joe on

Since the release of their 4th full length, The Way of All Flesh, French heavy metal behemoth GOJIRA has virtually exploded into the international metal scene. Following the release of that album, the four Frenchmen followed METALLICA as the opening…
Thursday, 01 December 2011

In The Studio - Part 2

Time for a second glimpse of the studio recording session in New York! All is going very well so far...Enjoy!
Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New interview on

November 12, 2011. I’m in Long Island City, heading towards Spin Recording Studios, where the mighty Gojira have recently begun recording their new album with producer Josh Wilbur. It’s a big deal because a) it’s Gojira’s first album in more…
Thursday, 10 November 2011


Opening of the official Gojira Youtube today. Here's a glimpse of what's happening on the recording  
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