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Live at Brixton - 2014


This 5” x 7” 60 page hardcover photo book chronicles Gojira’s journey around the world over the last two years. The images were taken around the globe - spanning over 150 shows and 3 continents - and hand selected by Joe and Mario Duplantier. The hardcover book also includes a live CD and DVD capturing last year’s performance at the legendary Brixton Academy in London.


01 Intro
02 Explosia
03 Flying Whales
04 Backbone
05 The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
06 L'Enfant Sauvage
07 Toxic Garbage Island
08 Wisdom Comes
09 Jam
10 Oroburus
11 Drum Solo
12 The Axe
13 The Gilt Of Guilt


Les Enfants Sauvages / Live At Brixton

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April 16 2014

Part 2 of the Interview with Tom Araya and Joe on Artistdirect

As far as metal is concerned, the show to see this fall is Slayer and Gojira's current jaunt. 

You've got thrash's fiercest band in history headlining, and the most exciting metal outfit in the past decade playing direct support. The two Los Angeles show were purely powerful and potently perfect as Slayer demolished the Palladium yet again, and Gojira opened up the gateway into their heavy and hypnotic domain. All of the other gigs have been indisputably the same as the bands continue to crisscross the country delivering the ultimate sonic catharsis…

In the second installment of ARTISTdirect.com editor-in-chief Rick Florino's exclusive interview between Tom Araya of Slayer and Joe Duplantier of Gojira, these two gentlemen discuss the tour, their families, their favorite Slayer albums, and so much more.

Was the last tour you two embarked on a catalyst for this one?

Tom Araya: Yeah! I'll show up an hour-and-a-half before show time, if I can. Then, I leave soon afterwards. The last time we toured, we didn't hear any complaints from anybody about anything. It was a great tour. Everything ran smoothly. I heard nothing but positive things about you guys. You were great to tour with.

Joe Duplantier: You have an amazing crew. I just want to say that. That's probably one big reason why everything went smoothly. When you have the proper crew, they respect the support bands, and they make everything easier. If we have the smallest problem, we just talk to one of them, and it's fixed right away. Everyone is helping one another. You know it of course, but you have a great crew. It helps.


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November 12 2013

Interview Gojira - Sud Ouest (French)

Né en 1996 à Ondres, dans les Landes, le groupe des frères Duplantier a atteint une renommée internationale qui l'emmène pour un mois de tournée aux Etats-Unis, de Las Vegas à Boston, en compagnie des mythiques Slayer.


Qui aurait pu imaginer qu’un petit groupe du sud des Landes, deviendrait un jour le plus international des groupes de rock en France ? Après dix-huit ans d’existence, Gojira, né à Ondres (40) d’une fratrie (Joseph et Mario Duplantier) et d’une bande de copains est devenu une pointure de la scène metal internationale. Gojira joue partout dans le monde, avec les plus grands (Metallica pour ne citer qu’eux) et bénéficie d’une aura et d’une respectabilité en acier trempé. Comment peut-on en arriver là ? Éléments de réponse avec Mario Duplantier, 32 ans, le batteur du groupe.


« Sud Ouest Dimanche ». Vous jouez partout dans le monde. Vous avez encore du temps à consacrer à vos terres d’origines, les Landes et le Pays Basque ?


Mario Duplantier. On ne vit pas tous à Ondres, mais le QG du groupe reste à Ondres, dans les Landes. On s’y retrouve pour préparer les tournées et ensuite on part sur la route. Mon frère a un appartement à New York où il passe du temps. C’est une ville qui l’inspire énormément. Et puis, le statut et l’emploi du temps du groupe le permettent. Nous sommes devenus un groupe international et nous tournons autant aux États-Unis qu’en Europe. Prendre un avion pour sept ou dix heures, maintenant c’est devenu la routine. Lorsque l’on rentre, le temps consacré à nos familles et à nos vies personnelles est devenu de plus en plus important.



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October 27 2013

Fall 2013 - Part 1

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October 20 2013


Following a summer of storming through Europe, South America and Mexico while topping the bills at solo shows and major festivals, Slayer will headline its first North American tour in two years. The tour will include the band's previously announced return to New York's Theatre at Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Palladium, venues the band hasn't performed at in 25 years. Gojira and 4ARM support on all dates.
Tickets for all dates on Slayer's U.S. tour, go on sale beginning this Friday, September 6. Log onto www.slayer.net for complete on-sale dates and ticketing information.
With more dates to be announced, confirmed dates for Slayer's 2013 Fall North American tour are as follows:


25 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
28 Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
30 Events Center @ San Jose State, San Jose, CA

08 Myth, Minneapolis, MN
10 FunFunFun Fest, Austin, TX
12 Bayou Music Center, Houston, TX
13 South Side Ballroom, Dallas, TX
15 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
16 The Fillmore, Detroit, MI
17 LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
19 The Fillmore, Washington, D.C.
20 Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
26 Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT
27 Theatre @ MSG, New York, NY
29 Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
30 Tsongas Arena, Boston, MA

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September 03 2013

FFF Festival

We're playing at the "Fun Fun Fun" Festival in Austin, Texas Nov. 8-10!

Full lineup and festival passes available at http://www.funfunfunfest.com

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July 11 2013

European Tour 2013

A message from Mario in the clip below:



All the tour dates : GO TO THE TOUR SECTION

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March 16 2013

Interview on The Village Voice

No one sounds like French metal band Gojira--or, rather, they sound like no one else. They bear the European death metal hallmarks of speed and rhythmic trickiness, but instead of reveling in the blood, guts, nihilism, etc., that characterize the lyrics of their peers, Gojira concern themselves with saving the whales. (Yes, literally.) In the brootalworld of heavy metal, it's, well, weird.

Anchored by brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier (on guitar and drums, respectively), the four-piece band retain their original lineup now 11 years since their debut. (No drama? Also kind of weird.) We spoke to Joe about the odd upbringing that continues to influence his music--and about how to explain metal to your grandmother.

See also: The Best Metal Concerts in NYC This Month


You've said you and Mario grew up in an old house that was considered kind of strange in your town. Could you talk about that a little more?


It's pretty striking when you go in this family house where we grew up. It's not like normal houses. It's very raw. It's open to the wind. There's dust and leaves everywhere, but it doesn't matter. It's an old house...It was very free. That was a big influence on us, I think.

Our parents were artists, and my mother was born in the states, so she had a different attitude and way of expressing herself. She was...louder than other moms. [Laughs] You know how in France, people talk super quiet. So, we had this American mom, and our dad is a painter, and they're not the kind that teach you how to be polite and to live properly. Our house was a happy mess, without heat. Just with fire in the winter. It was tough, but a very happy childhood. I couldn't understand sometimes other kids because they were very different. They would play rugby and do stuff that was really common in our area when we were doing theatre, music, and stuff like that in the house. The house was also far away from the village, and it was surrounded by trees, with forest animals. For me, it's kind of normal to be not like everybody else.


It's interesting that you grew up feeling different from others, like an outsider, because your music is so unique among heavy music. People call it death metal, but you don't sing about gory, bloody things. You have a more uplifting message. How would you classify your own music? What kind of metal would you call it?

It's hard for me to classify. I like to say it's music. I know it sounds cliché, but I like to say we're just playing music. But of course it's metal. It comes from the gut, really. We don't have so many influences from other bands. For example, growing up, we were not part of a larger group of several bands. There wasn't really a scene. So, I think that's helped us to be more ourselves, and we were not in competition with another band, for example, trying to go faster than them or heavier. We were really on our own, and I'm really glad because we didn't have too many influences. And concerning the lyrics and the theme, we don't need to exaggerate the difficulties of life and how "gore" it is already. It's enough to talk about your emotions, and it's gore enough. You don't need to add all these clichés, you know, bloody images and stuff like that... READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW


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February 10 2013
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