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March 09 2012

VOLCOM’s relation with GOJIRA goes way back and we thought it’s about time to celebrate this with a Limited Edition T-Shirt & 7” Vinyl bundle, featuring unreleased music from the band and artwork from GOJIRA’s Drummer, Mario Duplantier.

Mario is known as one of the best Metal Drummers in the world, but only few know he’s a brilliant graphic artist too. After his artistic debut with a graphic in Volcom’s Featured Artist series of t-shirts, we organized two Artshows (Biarritz and Bordeaux) in collaboration with Mario to show his works.
The songs on the 7”, END OF TIME and BLEEDING, have never been officially released, both were originally on GOJIRA’s 1997 “Possessed” Demo when they were still performing under the name GODZILLA.
The whole Bundle comes in a 12” Vinyl packaging and is available in all VOLCOM
Stores in Europe, EMP, Listenable Records and selected music stores.
More information and Pre-Ordering: https://store.volcoment.com/item/133574

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