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Interview with Joe on HailsAndHorns.com

December 14 2011

Since the release of their 4th full length, The Way of All Flesh, French heavy metal behemoth GOJIRA has virtually exploded into the international metal scene. Following the release of that album, the four Frenchmen followed METALLICA as the opening act for well over a year, creating a solid fan base all over the world. What really makes these guys unique is that GOJIRA is not your average death metal band. They sing of man’s destruction of nature, loss of connection with the world, and the power of “Love”. Being French, these guys have been on my radar for quite a number of years and getting the opportunity to talk with frontman and guitarist Joe Duplantier was almost a dream come true. I will always remember playing a live video of this band in front of my high school French class and being the only one in the room headbanging to the churning riffs. But I digress, now in New York City recording their long awaited album; the band looks to make a powerful new edition to the GOJIRA anthology. After waking from my turkey coma, I picked up the phone and discussed with the Frenchman the recording of the long awaited new album, what is going on with the Sea Shepherd EP, and his thoughts on the Big Apple.