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Part 2 of the Interview with Tom Araya and Joe on Artistdirect

November 12 2013

As far as metal is concerned, the show to see this fall is Slayer and Gojira's current jaunt. 

You've got thrash's fiercest band in history headlining, and the most exciting metal outfit in the past decade playing direct support. The two Los Angeles show were purely powerful and potently perfect as Slayer demolished the Palladium yet again, and Gojira opened up the gateway into their heavy and hypnotic domain. All of the other gigs have been indisputably the same as the bands continue to crisscross the country delivering the ultimate sonic catharsis…

In the second installment of ARTISTdirect.com editor-in-chief Rick Florino's exclusive interview between Tom Araya of Slayer and Joe Duplantier of Gojira, these two gentlemen discuss the tour, their families, their favorite Slayer albums, and so much more.

Was the last tour you two embarked on a catalyst for this one?

Tom Araya: Yeah! I'll show up an hour-and-a-half before show time, if I can. Then, I leave soon afterwards. The last time we toured, we didn't hear any complaints from anybody about anything. It was a great tour. Everything ran smoothly. I heard nothing but positive things about you guys. You were great to tour with.

Joe Duplantier: You have an amazing crew. I just want to say that. That's probably one big reason why everything went smoothly. When you have the proper crew, they respect the support bands, and they make everything easier. If we have the smallest problem, we just talk to one of them, and it's fixed right away. Everyone is helping one another. You know it of course, but you have a great crew. It helps.


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