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This is a great project. We hope it will be successful. Get involved and contribute if you are able to!




The Ocean Cleanup



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Sharks: Operation Requiem http://gojira-music.com/action/item/141-sharks-operation-requiem http://gojira-music.com/action/item/141-sharks-operation-requiem Sharks: Operation Requiem]]> Actions Sun, 17 Feb 2013 20:18:24 +0000 FREE PAUL WATSON! http://gojira-music.com/action/item/62-free-paul-watson http://gojira-music.com/action/item/62-free-paul-watson FREE PAUL WATSON!

Joe met Paul Watson Yesterday at Rock Am Ring festival in Nurburgring Germany. They talked about Paul's current situation and the importance of international support and demonstrations around the globe to support the cause. Paul was invited by the band on stage, between 2 songs and addressed the crowd about about marine conservation.



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